Random PIX from the week.   Be patient while they load, and your patience will be rewarded. 

OK, so that sounded really cocky, as if I think my pix are all that awesome.  Maybe they're not.  But patience is always rewarded anyway.

Kat and Elwing, AKA Boy Wonder?
Kat and Elwing (AKA Boy Wonder), on the prowl?
I try to remember it all now.  7 days.  So long ago.  Or so long to go.

Sounds.  Drums.  The flap of plastic tarps in the desert wind.  Drums.  Exuberant whoops.  Techno meets primitive music.  The crunch of playa beneath my sandals.  Drums.  The dijeridoo playing the storm on Saturday afternoon.
Playing the storm. . .too well, as it turns out.

The dusty boogers every morning.  Coffee that just wouldn't brew right.  Cold, mushy melon, dripping down my chin.  Lobster tails and corn on the cob for Wednesday night dinner. 

Old friends reunited.  Neil, the super camper.  Johnathan and his Inchworm.   The supreme karmic coincidence that made Barbara and Greg camp right next to us again this year. 

New friends.  Mo, pulling up beside us two total strangers and asking if she could tie her tarps to my truck ("Sure thing," I said!).  Little Manny (2 years old) tripping on the grown-up kids all around him and having a blast in the heat of the day. 

Walking around the city with my "mega-mister", spraying random passers-by and anyone who looked like they were working too hard. 

Irrigating the playa?  Damn, Neil.
Damn, Neil!  I don't think that's what they mean by "Shower" structure. 
Bronco busting, Black Rock City style.
Early art.  Sex on the playa.  I didn't take any pictures of the real thing.  I leave that to the spectators.  For me, it was enough to feel the incredible energy.

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