Pedestrian Collides with Vehicle in Bizarre Hit and Run

Police still seek whereabouts of suspect

San Francisco - 10/19/99
The motorist pulls up
to the light quite careful
Both hands on the wheel
watchful and wareful
But he does not see
The Sidestreet Fury
Til she shrieks off the curb
with her feet all a-flurry
Bangs into the mirror
and smashes it flat
dents the quarterpanel
with a yell and a splat
As he fumbles the cell phone
from his shirt pocket
She strikes again
like a human rocket
And as she assaults
he dives to the floor
she smashes the windshield
and kicks in the door
Runs over the hood
leaving dings with her heels
and back to the pavement
she disappears with a squeal
And the motorist stares
as the light turns green
in rapt disbelief
At what he's just seen
He calls for the cops
and tells them to hurry
'cause he's just been a victim
of the Sidestreet Fury
Phillip Loughlin -10/19/99

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