Yupp, we got dawgs!


Here's a pencil drawing of our first two "family dogs". Sandy is the lab, and Felix is the sheltie. My sister-in-law knows the artist, and had this done for us as a Christmas present. Very cool!

Felix (AKC Miriam's Felicity) was Mim's first dog. We got her for Christmas in (I think) 1994. She's a sweetheart, but like all herding dogs she loves to bark. It'll drive you nuts, but it's hard to stay mad at her.

Sandy was a long-promised lab pup from my mom. I've owned and trained labs for duck hunting since I was a teenager. I gave my last lab away to a family who was willing to pay for an expensive surgery, and didn't have a dog for a couple of years. Mom promised me a pup from her old girl, Rosebud, but it took forever for Rosie to get knocked up. She finally did in 1995, and Sandy was mine. Mim helped me name her, by the way. Her registered name is Sandy Four Legs.

Sandy's getting along in years now, and a full day in the duck marsh takes its toll. So we started thinking about breeding her in hopes of starting a new generation. Unfortunately, as she started getting a little too old to breed safely (about 7 yrs), she decided to be sneaky about coming into heat, and I missed the opportunity.



But then came Lucky!!!

Debi with a little armful.  She should try to hold the little monster like that now!

Baby pictures... you gotta love 'em!

They are so cute when they are little.

Mim with the death grip.

This is our newest pup, Lucky. She was born in September of 2002. We took her in as soon as she was old enough to leave her mom. She was Mim's birthday gift, and a hunting partner-in-training for me too.

Lucky was the accidental result when my friend's two pups matured a little faster than he thought, and he returned from a business trip to find that they'd been engaged in a little incestuous relations. Lucky was one of two survivors from that litter. Because she's born to a brother/sister, she can't be AKC registered or bred, but that's OK. She's a sweet dog, and smart as a whip.

Regardless of her lineage, she's gonna be a good duck dog, and she's definitely a great companion for Mim.

She's a little bigger now, though. The pictures below show her with her adopted family. Sandy has taken the role of adopted mom. Felix is more like a reluctant auntie.

Kinda like before and after pix, she's grown a little... no?

October, 2002

The proud, adoptive mom, Sandy shows off her new baby.

Sandy looks like the proud "momma", no? She really has adopted Lucky. Felix, on the other hand, would happily see the new yellow monster go somewhere far away.

May, 2003

Felix pretends to ignore her new niece.

They're all getting along pretty well now, although Felix makes no bones about her "privacy".

Stay tuned for doggie adventures as they are posted. Lucky's first hunting season is coming fast, as the winter of 2003 rolls around. We'll be chasing pheasants, quail, and ducks. And of course Sandy will be there as much as she can.