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My Position on Operation Iraqi Freedom - Where I'm Coming From and How I Got Here

This is gonna be long. I'm sorry, but I cannot defend my position with one or two sentences. It's just not that simple, and I'm unwilling to reduce myself to name calling or demeaning insinuations in place of sound argument.

So if you haven't got the bandwidth or attention span to read this, then move along.

Or go ahead and put in your knee-jerk response now.

Here, let me give you a little template . . . customize as you will. . .

You are a (pick one): .

You are a waste of the air you breathe, and your words are obviously the product of (pick one): .

If you don't like this country, you ought to leave!

Feel better now?

But if you want to honestly consider another position, not necessarily agree, but consider, then read on.