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Since I am, quite literally, the Son of a Son of a Sailor, it stands to reason that I have this overpowering love of the sea.  It might also stand to reason that I'm a big-time Jimmy Buffett fan.  OK.  So there are folks who arrange their lives around Bubba's tour schedule and stuff.  And still others who make a regular pilgrimage to Key West to experience Margaritaville for themselves.  But I'm with Jimmy in saying that Margaritaville is a state of mind, it's not a place you can trek to.   Or, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I'm a fan, dammit!   Even if it's only in my own mind (and in my collection of CDs).

Like all good Parrotheads, I have my own recipe for Margaritas.  You wanna see it?   Or here's one I invented myself. It gets mixed reviews, partly because of the name. I call it the Fuzzy Armpit.

Since 1993, when I first became active online, I have been a subscriber to the monthly Parrothead newsletter, the Coconut Modem.  I also get a regular copy of the Temperate Zone, a somewhat less reverent electronic newsmailing.  It helps me reason with Hurricane Season. . .or the lack of hurricanes up here in San Francisco. 

Speaking of hurricanes, call me sociopath or misanthrope. . or just call me wierd, but I love a good storm.  I track them all the time on the Weather Channel and using the Interactive Marine forecast service from NOAA. With the Interactive Marine Forecast, I can click on a light station or CMAN buoy and get current conditions from places like Dry Tortugas light, Frying Pan Shoals, or the Farallon Islands.  Pretty cool.

One of Jimmy Buffett's pet causes, and one I embrace equally is the plight of the Florida Manatees. These gentle giants, if you'll pardon the cliche, have found themselves victims of their own placidity. Once so numerous as to provide a source of food and oil, there are only a handful remaining in the wild. It makes me sad. Wanna help?

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