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In Loving Memory of a great pony!
Here's Buckshot

Grandma had a pony for her back in NC. That was Buckshot, and he's finally moved on to the big pasture in the sky, where the alfalfa never stops coming, and the sky rains sweet feed every afternoon. We'll miss the old guy, but he was (and still is) loved a lot.

For a while, we leased a horse for her. That was Amber. In the image below, they are fooling around in the arena at Eagles' Nest Ranch, where we board. Amber was a super horse for Mim, well trained and very easy for her to control.

Barrel racing, slo mo style.

But Amber was kind of old, and we wanted a horse that would be around for a long time. So we shopped around and shopped around until we found JUST the right horse. A Rocky Mountain Horse named Cadillac Jordan. We bought him at the Odom's Mountain Horse Ranch.

Mim calls him "Baby" Jordan. He's a 2 1/2 year-old chocolate, with a beautiful flaxen mane. OK, so in the picture on the right, he's still shaggy with winter-time baby hair.

Jordan is starting to shape up already!

Here he's shed out a little. Still looking like a baby, but you can see the development in his shoulders and chest. The Rocky Mountain horses are very sturdy, and generally shorter but stocky. They're quite strong, and also gentle and brave. Jordan is incredibly steady around new things and noises, and hardly ever spooks. He'll be a great trail horse.

Stay tuned, there's guaranteed to be more to this story!

More about Jordan

This is Jordan when we first got him.



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