This is our horsey page.

This is Mim and Debi with Cadillac Jordan. This is me, with my quarterhorse, Jet Equipt.
So, Jordan...has that thing tried to eat you yet?

This page will probably grow considerably, as we get more and more involved with our horses and stuff. Horses have a lot to teach us, and if we're not real careful, we might even learn something (thanks, Bill Cosby).

So anyway, if you didn't already click and go there, here's what we have on our site so far (external links will open in a new window):

My horse, Jet

Mim's horse, Jordan

Here are the good folks where I bought Jet- Paddy Creek Ranch

A cool poem about horsemanship, and who is really training who.

The Bay Equestrian Network, an excellent resource for horse folks in the SF Bay Area

American Quarterhorse Association

Rocky Mountain Horses Forum

New Links are always just around the corner....whenever I have time to update this thing anyway.