This is Jet. He's an AQHA registered Quarterhorse gelding. He stands about 16-1, and is a pretty stocky fellow too. He's 7 years old (born on tax day), and getting ready to embark on a great new life as a trail and camping horse.

This update just in... I finally got to trailer Jet out for a ride in Sunol Regional Park. He was absolutely wonderful. He balked a little at his first water crossing, but by the time we hit the second stream, he was playing in the water like a child. I'm a happy horseman, yes I am.

Well, things didn't pan out with Jet. He's a great guy, but there were some issues in his legs that meant no rugged trails. I've passed him along to a disabled riding school nearby, and he's apparently loving his new career as a lesson horse.

A recent picture..he's a sweet horse! This is my first ride on Jet, at Paddy Creek Ranch where I bought him. He listens great, even though he never met me before.
Show quality?  Maybe, but we're trail bound!

Good horse!  I think this is gonna be a great relationship!