Kat says, "Hi, ya'll!"

This was home sweet home for the whole week.   Notice all the empty space.  That was the Monday before the Burn.  By Friday, there wasn't a space to be had on S. Fifth Street.  Our neighborhood was full.

Welcome to Elwing and Kat's Kamp!

Elwing and Kat's Kamp

Feeling parched?  Head kinda aching?  Legs feeling weak and rubbery?  Well, there's only one solution!


For those of us in the South Fifth Street neighborhood of Black Rock City, this was the rallying cry.  I guess the Rangers and the radio station got to us, because some of us (Mo, are you reading this?) actually woke from mid-afternoon naps thinking, "I better drink some water."  This page, and those that follow, are dedicated to the friends Kat and I made at Black Rock City (home, of course, of the Burning Man).  You people made the experience what it was, and without you. . .well. . .it would have been different.

Last year, my first Burn, was different.  Kat and I were basically alone in the city, with no contacts.   We met some wonderful neighbors, though.  For all my plans and good intentions of documenting that trip, I ended up with a couple of poems, and a dozen mediocre photographs.  I went to the Burn with two shots left on a roll of film, and ended up shooting them at the back of someone's head.  Oh well, the memories were strong. . .strong enough so that the minute tix for 98 came on sale, I ordered a pair. 

Boring enough for you?  Let's move ON!

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