Gunther actually takes pretty damned good photos. Here are some of the shots he did during the Bolsa Chica hike.


Look at that file. Rank and file. Or simply, a rank file. I bet you'll never find Sierra Clubbers marching in line like that.


Sgt. Kat forces me to hike through the desolate wilderness near LA. Who'd have thought after the night we had at Doc's that I'd still be walking?

When Gunther walked away to water a fence post, the gang gathered around his magic camera. The little dude had a plan. "You guys call him, and when he turns around, I'll get the picture."

Didn't work. El Zopilote was onto us.

Facelicker's boytoy was dancing for us on the marsh. We all stopped to cheer.
The only witness of the day with any decorum at all.

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