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My Scribbles

Before we start though, a few things I believe in...

First of all, Life is NOT fair. Never was, and never was supposed to be. "Fair" is a human conceit, foisted on us from the time we're infants and completely at odds with the way the real world works. It's a mode of social interaction and control, but has no bearing on anything else. There has always been a differentiation between strong and weak, rich and poor, and success and failure. If life was fair, rabbits would have fangs and weigh 200 pounds, money would grow on trees, and we could all be heads of state.

Secondly, we are NOT naturally entitled to ANYTHING in this life. Again, as a social construct, there are "rights" extended to citizens of certain societies which promise a handful of servies and protections. But those things are all subject to forces beyond any individual's control. You are only entitled to what you have earned...what you have worked for. Take what you can get, give what you will, but don't expect any more or less from any other individual.

I believe a large cause of social strife in this modern world comes from a failure of individuals to recognize and work within these two ideas. Too many people are operating with a sense that life "owes" them something. By virtue of existence, people think they are somehow entitled to things like self-esteem and personal comfort. I say you're not even entitled to the air you breathe in your first breath. Everything we have is a gift of fortune, and is subject to be taken away unless we are willing to work to keep it. And sometimes, in spite of all our work, we still lose it. Fair? Of course not. But that's life.

Accept personal accountability for everything in your life, whether it's health, wealth, or social status. Work to attain what you can, and if it's out of reach don't expect someone to just give it to you. We all have limitations, and it is our individual responsibility to learn those limits and work with them.

This is a new section, so the entries will trickle in pretty slowly. But anyway. . .here's what's here so far: