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Phillip was born on August 12, 1964. The son of a Coast Guardsman, he spent the early part of his years in typical service brat transience, moving from his birthplace in Staten Island, NY, to various locations along the East Coast. . .all the way down to San Juan, Puerto Rico, then back to finally settle in Wilmington, NC.

North Carolina is a great place to live and grow up. I'm sure everyone says that about their "home" state, but I believe it's true. Someone sent me an email once, called "Things I learned growing up in North Carolina." If you'd like to see it, it's right HERE.

After a long and eventful life in Wilmington, which included marriage (13 years and counting) to the love of my life Deborah, and the birth of my second love, Miriam (11 years and counting), things got shaken loose and I found myself living in the San Francisco Bay Area. For almost a year, I was a semi-bachelor again. . .and had a chance to explore some new aspects of my life. Close personal friends may ask me about these "aspects." For the rest of you, you have only your imagination to rely on. Deborah was in school, finishing her degree in Computer Science, and we didn't want to risk losing credits for her to transfer. That ended in May, 1997 though, and at last I am reunited with my family. We are together now and calling the Bay Area home. We bought  a house. Wanna see?

In real life, during real time (well, a few hours per day, Monday through Friday) I am a contract instructional designer, and am currently working on a couple of Web-Based training projects. I love working with multimedia and interactive training. If my ISP weren't so tight on space, I'd put up some samples. But for now, just be happy knowing I do it. Trust me. Here's my resume

I also like to do some creative writing.  I'd never presume to force any of my work on anyone, but if you're curious, here's a little poetry chapbook

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